I don’t know what miss… madame Merkel want to do, but I know what we want to do. We don’t want Greece outside… outside euro. We don’t want Greece outside Eurozone. We want Greece inside euro and inside Eurozone but I believe, we believe that madame Merkel put euro and Eurozone in a big danger by keeping w… in this austerity measures. The austerity measures put Europe and Eurozone in a big danger. So we want to change the austerity measures, also in Greece, and also in Europe. That’s what we want to do, and we want to do this with… in cooperation with the other forces and the… the people of euro, the people who want a big change because everybody now understand that with this policy we are going directly i… to the hell, and we want to change this… this way.

We believe that if… eh… Greece go back to… to… to drachma, the second day the other countries in Europe will have the same problem, and I… I really disagree with a lot of thing that madame Merkel say and do, but I… I… I… I agree with that that she said, she said before a… before a… a… a month ago… a month before that. If Greece go out of euro, the second day the markets will find who will be the second, and the second will be Italy or Spain. Italy has a very big debt, public debt, not like Greece, Greece have thirty five hundred eh… million euros but Italy has a debt about one point nine trillion, so you can understand what I… I was meaning when I was telling to you that this road goes to hell. We don’t want Europe to be in… in… in a catastrophe way. So, if we want to save Europe w… w… we need to change… to change these directions.

No, I don’t believe that we will have a benefit if Greece go back to the drachma. I don’t believe that, because, as I told you before, the second day the Eurozone will be in a big disaster, so I… I… I don’t, we don’t believe, we don’t want a whole catastrophe of Eurozone and for euro. And at the same time we don’t want to go back to drachma because in Greece we’ll have the poor people to have drachmas and rich people to buy everything with euro. And this evolution, it will not a good evolution for society and for the people. We, eh… we are here to… to… to… to try to be with eh… with the majority, and the majority of people need to be in a safe way. So that’s why we don’t believe that we’ll have benefits with drachma. It’s clear for us. We’ll be, we will do whatever we could do in this direction to keep Greece inside Eurozone and inside euro. But as I told you before, we are watching this situation in… in… in the whole view of Europe and Eurozone. You can understand what will happen if Eurozone will… will be split… splitted and if Eurozone will be in this big danger. I think that our position is clear in this question.

First of all, we will cancel all this austerity measures eh… in memorandum. Do you know the memorandum?

We’ll cancel the memorandum and then we will go to renegotiate in european level about a common way to go out, to go outside of this crisis. And we believe that this crisis is not a greek crisis, but a european crisis, and we will try to find a common solution and I said to you before what… what our opinion about the solution, about the role of ECB, eh… about the eurobond, about the negotiation of the debt in european level, of… of… of the public debt of all the european countries. That’s… that’s… that’s our opinion, that’s our position, I think it’s a clear position.

Yes, we think that we’ll find partners. First of all in the… in the… south countries, eh… I think that we have the… the same problem with Italy, with Spain, with Portugal, and also with Ireland, and I think that we will find partner and also in the central Europe. I am looking very positive the change in… in… in… in France with the mister Hollande win in elections. Eh… I will try to find partners but I think that the political situation in Europe will change the next days especially after the big change in Greece. If… if people instit in this… in this… in this opinion that we… we don’t want more austerity measures, w… w… we can’t go on with these austerity measures because everything is… is… is… was destroyed in Greece, if Greek people instit in this opinion I think that everything will change in Europe.

Παρατήρηση: τὸ δημόσιο χρέος τῆς Ἑλλάδας δὲν εἶναι «thirty five hundred million euros», δηλαδὴ €3,5 δισεκατομμύρια, ἀλλὰ δυστυχῶς τὸ ἑκατονταπλάσιο.

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