– What have you got so far? Let me hear it.
– OK: “While hundreds of Sheriff Hartwell’s paid gunmen stalked through the city, shooting innocent bystanders, spreading their reign of terror, Earl Williams was lurking less than twenty yards…”
– Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Aren’t you going to mention the “Post”? Doesn’t the paper get the credit?
– I did that, I did in the second paragraph.
– Who’s gonna read the second paragraph?

Ἀπ’ τὴν κωμωδία τοῦ Howard Hawks «His Girl Friday» μὲ τὸν Cary Grant καὶ τὴν Rosalind Russell. Τὸ ἀναγνωστικὸ κοινὸ δὲν ἔχει ἀλλάξει πολὺ ἀπ’ τὸ 1940.

Girl Friday: a female assistant (as in an office) entrusted with a wide variety of tasks.

Ἀπ’ τὴν κωμωδία «The Front Page τοῦ 1931.