Hate on the Streets:

Yunus Mohammadi, the president of an association of Afghans in Greece, told us he started showing newer arrivals a map of Athens with a red line around areas they should avoid. “This is exactly what I used to do in Afghanistan with the Red Cross about places people shouldn’t go because of fighting,” Mohammadi said. “And here I am doing the same thing in a European country.

(Πῆγα νὰ ψάξω στὴ Google –μὲ κλειδί: ξενιος ζευς– γιὰ καμιὰ εἰκόνα τοῦ Ξενίου Διὸς, νὰ τὴ βάλω στὴν ἀνάρτηση. Μάταιος κόπος· ὅλο φωτογραφίες ἀστυνομικῶν ποὺ μπαγλάρωναν μετανάστες ἔβρισκα).